1 Year, 1 Child But It’s Over


Good morning.

This is from a depressed friend. She asked me a question that I didn’t get any answer for her so I will need your lovely manofans to help me get a better answer for her.

Auntie Abena, please what will you do if your husband tells you not to be doing anything for him again. I mean anything including washing his clothes, cooking for him etc etc and goes ahead to tell you that he doesn’t love you anymore so you should pack your things and go.

That no matter what you do, he won’t be able to love you again so you better leave and save yourself the stress. (The marriage is just a year old with one baby boy). What should she do now, she doesn’t have anywhere to go to, not even the family will accept her back .

NB: She had noticed some changes in him off late but didn’t take it serious. He has threatened that it is either she goes or he goes.

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Written by Abena Magis

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