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A Letter To My Wife.


Hello Aunty Abena, God bless you for your good works. Please post this for me, anonymous as usual.


Hello Dear,
I really want to tell you something important but before I do, please answer these questions for me:
Why is it so easy for you to starve me emotionally and sexually?
Why have you made me look so needy when I’m only asking you to be romantically active with me?
Well, I understand it is not a woman’s thing to be taking initiatives when it comes to romance but then, why do you use one excuse after the other to deny me when I make the attempt?
You know I don’t give excuses when it comes to performing my duties as a man but why do you like giving excuses all the time?
Why do you make it look like I’m frustrating you when I ask you to be sexually active?
Am I not attractive enough to you?
Don’t I satisfy you when you finally give in to one of my many advances?
Don’t you love me?
One moment it is stress, the next moment it is sickness.
Haven’t I helped enough on how to overcome stress?
Haven’t I bought medicines for you to help cure it if that’s the problem?
Don’t I do everything you ask for and more just to make you happy ?
So why are you still making me feel needy for love, for romance?
Well,I have tried over the years but I don’t know what I can do again if you’re not willing to change.
But there’s one thing I know for sure, a day will come when I will not be needy again. A day will come when I will not care whether you make love to me or not. A day will come when I will not beg you again for romance. When it happens, don’t blame me because I tried everything possible and you know it.

Kind regards.Your loving husband.

Written by Esther

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