Advice – Keep Your Skin


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Advice to all fans (particularly ladies)

I just want our ladies to know that when we (guys) request for their pics, we don’t need the snapchat version, edited or filtered ones but their ‘real’ pics; just as they actually look in real life.

Eei, I met a lady recently and I almost thought she was the wrong person. I said in my head “Chineke ????????” I pretended I was cool with her so she wouldn’t feel bad but seriously in my heart, I felt scammed. She was actually dark in real life but the pics she sent me made me think she was a fair person.

I fell in love with the one I saw in the pic she sent me because that pic showed all the physical qualities I needed in a woman.

To my lovely ladies here, just be proud of the real you. We just want you to look decent in whatever picture you want to send and allow us to make the decision. It’s better to please a man’s heart by being the real you than lifting the ‘marking scheme’ just to be rejected after your first date; a date you probably wish could continue

Kwaku Citizen

Written by Abena Magis

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