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This Goes Out To The Men

A lot of women have indicated and even shared many stories as to why they don’t want to have anything to do with “broke guys” or if you like, help men build a future together. One of such reasons is that, after investing in their men to become rich and or if you like successful, they leave them for someone new or get entangled with side chicks.

Going Deeper

From where I’m sitting, I’ve always said that this common situation was not because you were dating or got married to a poor man but rather an unwise man with a poor heart who needed just a push; AN UNGRATEFUL MAN.

Many young unmarried women are asking everyday that “is it worthy dating or even marrying a broke man?”

Now the young men here, kindly lend me your ears; if any woman can accept and agree to your current situation, leave all other riches for you, turn down other prospective men just to be with you, suffer with you when you don’t have what to eat, believe in you, stand by you, sacrifice the little she has for you, then the little you can do is to honor her; for they say one good turn deserves another.

If a woman can stick by your side through your difficult moments, then certainly, and I say, she’s certainly the one worthy to be with during your best moments. Why start treating her wrongly when she dated you at a time you were nobody? Why ask her to leave when she got married to you not because of what you had but because of what she felt for you?

Your supposed riches had nothing to do with it. Don’t you know your success and going forward revolved around such women?

Stop The Ungratefulness

Guys, don’t easily forget so soon where you were yesterday and the very women who were instrumental and purposeful in your lives. For those who have abandoned their committed girlfriends/wives for side chicks, SHAME ON YOU!

If you’re a man and you don’t trade your paths careful even to the extend of repaying so much good and kindness shown to you by an amazing woman with evil, then believe me if I say evil will never leave your house… BE WISE!

Happy 2021

Bernard Chapman

Written by Abena Magis


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