Advice – Women Should Stop Dating Idiots

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I’m a Bolt driver and witnessed something last night which made me so mad throughout the night. Why do some women love idiots like that?

I was hailed around Circle to pick up someone (the app indicated a guy). The directions led me to a pub. I arrived and picked my phone to call the guy who ordered but a lady came to the car and sat in front. Then a guy rushed out from inside the pub, shouting at the lady to get down.

I thought maybe the lady had mistakenly gotten into my ride since it was a guy who ordered it. The lady didn’t want to get down and ignored him. This guy grabbed the lady by her two arms, crossed his around her chest and dragged her from the car onto the ground.

I was shocked because if someone sits in a car you ordered, you ignore and book another. Taxis were even around there. The lady was screaming and trying to break free but he dragged her on the ground like the way I’ve seen people dragging thieves. He was handling her like he’ll handle his fellow man and not a lady.

I got down because I didn’t know what was going on and that’s a lady, you don’t treat her like that. I kept telling him to stop but he ignored me. Then some guys rushed out shouting at the guy.

Apparently, the guy came in with the lady (his girlfriend) . After sometime, he started manhandling her without any tangible reason. Those around their table told him to stop but he didn’t mind them. This went on for some time so one of them asked the lady where she lives and booked a ride for her. That’s how I got the booking and went there.

What bored me about the whole thing was if you could see the face of the guy doing this to a very pretty girl oh. This is a guy that if my own sister brought home, I’ll ask her questions. He was reeking of smoke too. Finally, the guys pushed the boyfriend off her and helped her get into the car. I didn’t try to mediate in anyway because some of these ladies, you’ll go and help them and they’ll in turn insult you.

Whiles I was driving her away she kept weeping. In fact, she wept all throughout the ride and said, “my friends told me, everybody warned me about you but I didn’t listen. Now, here I am.”

I wanted to inquire about what actually transpired between them but she was weeping too much and kept on repeating “everybody warned me about this guy.”

Auntie Abena, I know your platform goes far and want to use it to advise ladies. I’m a guy and I know how we men think. Listen, if people warn ladies about a particular guy, it’s because they know what he’s capable of doing.

If I’m a serial womanizer and people tell my latest girl about me, I’ll do everything I can to convince her that I’m not. What people say about me won’t make me change. I’ll just lie and cheat until I go through something that will make me change. A woman cannot show me love to change, I’ll probably use her love against her so if I’m bad there’s nothing she can do.

That’s what most women don’t get. It’s not what we men say. We can say “I love you” to all the 15 girls we’re cheating on and not mean it. Make them feel special, like they’re the only ones in our lives when they’re our personal harem.

I’m being very real here. I can’t say I love my mum and disrespect her so why do I tell my woman I love her and disrespect her? My woman is my junior mum because she’ll also take care of me. How I treat my mum is therefore how I’ll treat her but if I let my mum disrespect her then, I’m not really in love with her.

I don’t want to say a lot but I hope ladies will learn something. They should stop dating idiots. If a guy disrespects you in public over a little issue, then he’s not worth it even if it’s a big issue.

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Written by Abena Magis

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