Am I Giving Up on Us Too Soon?


Thanks for your great work.
I want to know what the Mano fans think about this. I have been in a relationship for 9 months now with this man I love. He is loving, kind, helpful and sweet. He is 5 years older than I am but the problem is he has no plans, ambitions or whatsoever, he just goes with the flow. 

He is not serious with work and he is mostly playing games even if he has something to do. I don’t ask anything from him because I earn more than him. I pay for my transportation, the food I eat when I visit him and my contraceptives as well. Sometimes I gift him provisions and pay for the bundle we use in watching movies when I am around. 

He is very good in his field of work and I have been trying to get him motivated enough to have a side job or actually establish his own company but he is just doing nothing about it. 
He is currently living with his parents after he couldn’t afford his rent. I’m an entrepreneur and earn over five times what he does in a month. I have a very poor background and work really hard because my family currently depends on me.  

Now I’m afraid that instead of being a husband he will just be another son I will take care of in the future.  He doesn’t have any plans for us and he hasn’t been able to get over his ex after over a year of breaking up. Sometimes he can just get angry over how the ex treated him and will tell me how hurt he is. We are very happy together and hardly have any troubles. I just don’t know if our relationship is too young to give up on or I should walk away? 

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Written by Abena Magis

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