Auntie Abena – She Takes Money from other Men

Kindly post this to your fans. I need their opinion on a matter of mine.
I met a girl in June this year. We had a good connection and soon started dating. In the beginning, she told me about her situation that she’d lost her mom and her father abandoned her together with her younger brother. Her elder siblings are not helping so she lives with an uncle who doesn’t really care about her affairs etc.
I found out later that most of her stories were lies but I ignored. In the first month of our relationship, I noticed something was not right. I pushed her until she told me she’s in a relationship with a married man who helps her, and the younger brother as well.
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According to her, she asked for a break up after she met me but the man refused. She confessed this after she went to sleep with the man and then came to tell me she was forced. This means she was dating the 2 of us at the same time. I proposed we meet the man together to solve this but, she insisted she’s gonna solve this by herself.
After a couple of days, she told me they managed to come to an agreement. We moved on with our relationship and things were smooth. I always made sure she had everything that she requested. She left for school in mid September and I also traveled to a different city.
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We all met recently and I found out she met another guy and slept with him too. Upon interrogation, she said she needed money for her fees which was due. That she didn’t want to bother me so that guy offered to pay  and when she went, he told her to sleep with him before the money can be given to her.
I don’t know if she’s telling me the truth or not. Around this same time, I found out she was still chatting with the married guy, asking for money for her fees etc.
I am confused now. I don’t know if I should let her out of my life or I should try to support her much more to be a better and stronger person. Please help a brother with your advises.


Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My brother, please quit asap ok.You met her and you recognized what she told you were lies in the first place and you ignored,you had to push her before she told you she was dating a married man and ypu still moved on with her and according to the story you help her in your best position so why should she date another guy again when she knows u are there and still chatting with the married guy.I advise you quit cos she is not satisfied with you alone ok.You cant trust her please.

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