Blood Pact with My Hymen

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I wonder each and every day the problems that keeps coming up in our life from the past. I made a blood pact with my hymen years ago and forgot about it. This issue popped up in my face when I was walking in town. A man I didn’t know from anywhere called me. From his dressing he was a man of God.

He told me that I’m married. And that I made a promise to someone I’ll marry him based on a blood covenant. At that moment, I couldn’t remember doing anything like that so I told him I’m not sure I’m the one then, I left.

I remembered this later.

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Back in JHS 2012, I met my first love whom I really loved. Seriously, we were like Romeo and Juliet in the entire neighborhood. We dated for 3 years but we never had any intimacy because I was scared. Not even about pregnancy but my grandma’s anger. But later the devil who was my friend set in.

My boyfriend and I had a misunderstanding. I apologized several times but he refused to talk to me. I pleaded with a friend of mine to talk to him for me. I didn’t know she was also in love with him. I heard through rumours that she had taken my place but I didn’t take it seriously.

One day, I went to visit her to get feedback on what I told her but to my surprise I found them in bed. Seriously I was heartbroken 😭 and left without saying anything to them. Later, my boyfriend and I reconciled but the incident kept flashing in my head whenever I saw him. He was my first love too

Things became normal after a while. After school he called me to his place for a surprise. Me too I love surprises because that’s what he is good at. My grandma asked me to eat when I was going but I told her, I was going to do my homework at a friend’s place (that was my format to be able to leave the house) I went to his place and eat. He gave me my gift though.

All of a sudden, he wrapped his hand around me. I knew what was going to happen but I stopped him and told him we had an agreement on no sex until we marry. He managed to convince me and force me. At last it happened. I remember during the intimacy, I was bleeding (after my hymen got broken) and during the process I told him,

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“With this blood and since you are the first guy seeing my nakedness, if you don’t marry me, you will die.” He agreed to it.

Auntie Abena, I don’t know what happened and we broke up. I can’t figure out what exactly led to us breaking up but since then we all went our separate ways. Any relationship I have entered since becomes like hell. It’s either I love the guy but he doesn’t love me or the guy will love me but I won’t.

Recently I met my ex and we got talking about ourselves since then. He told he also has issues when it comes to relationships. He asked me if I remember what I said to him years ago and I said Yes

He then asked me could it be possible that we’re both feeling the effects of my hymen pact? I told him am not sure. He asked if we could come back so things will be well with us. Since we are not working with others, we could work together.

The problem is that, as I am talking to you, there is this guy who is in love with me. Unfortunately for him, it’s like I love him out of pity. I ain’t sure it’s real love. Though I have met his family and we’ve started buying our things to marry hopefully next year, I still have a connection with my ex

He is the only guy on earth I have loved without any condition. I don’t know what will happen to my ex if I get married to my current guy based on what I said those years ago. And I don’t know how to break up with my current guy and return the things we bought. He will commit suicide if I break up with him.

Maybe some pastor could help me break this blood covenant I used my hymen to do. My current guy too says his pastor said we are compatible but there is a problem from my side which he needs to see me personally. I’m worried on that side too.

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Written by Abena Magis


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