Boakye Wants His Ex Back but Has a Gf


Please I need an advice paa for a friend of mine. I met Boakye in KNUST, where we are both studying Telecom engineering (level 400). We’re very close.

He has dated some ladies which relationships sometimes didn’t end well (he either cheated or they cheated on him). He told me of his intentions of dating a girl who attended the same SHS as he did. Though, they weren’t friends, he tried by proposing to her continuously for a year and some months before she finally agreed to date him.

I was surprised when he told me that. Like what kind of lady will stress a guy for a year before she accepts his proposal? Not knowing that the lady’s ex, who happens to be her first boyfriend, raped her with three of his friends so that explained why she took that long.

Their love was so beautiful that I envied them. The girl was so good that she sometimes helped Boakye financially (she is a student nurse). However, she along the line started experiencing mood swings because of her past experience (life after being raped wasn’t easy for her) and that gave them a lot of issues.

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Boakye mistakenly made out with his elder brother’s girlfriend. It was a mistake because he was really sorry though he didn’t tell his girlfriend. His brother’s girlfriend used the first time to blackmail my friend. She told him that if he resists her, she will steal something from the brother and set him up as the thief.

This continued for sometime until he said he won’t continue the affair again. Boakye’s girlfriend on the other hand kept asking if there was something he was hiding. He was scared of losing her so he said there’s nothing wrong until his brother got to know he has been forcing himself on his girlfriend which happens to be untrue.

His brother took everything he had bought for him including his phone and laptop. There was no means of communication and he had to give a reason why his brother is taking everything so he decided to tell his girlfriend everything, which he did.

The lady got angry because her intuition always told her something was wrong but Boakye always denied it. She changed completely after though she used to around only to fuck or give him some money. She hardly called or spoke to him.

Then a new lady came into the picture. She was doing what Boakye’s girlfriend wasn’t doing for him. He started having feelings for her but he didn’t want to approach because he loved his girlfriend so much just that they were having issues. He started sexting her though they never met.

His girlfriend visited him one day as usual, took his phone and started reading his messages. She got to know everything about the new lady, so she left immediately. When she got home she told Boakye to move on with the new lady because she thinks that’s what he wants.

She made him promise that he’ll stick to that new lady alone and not to cheat on her because it wouldn’t help him if he hops from one lady to another.

Boakye agreed to do so but the problem is he really loves his ex so much that because of her, he does not want to continue with the new girl. But because of the promise and the respect he has for his ex he can’t just break up with the new girl.

The ex’s friend has also has been telling me she always cries about the whole issue because she really loves my friend and it pains her they’re no more together
What advice do you have for them? Please after insulting, advice us wai.
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Written by Abena Magis


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