Can I Take Legal Action Against This Company?


Good day. Trusting God you’re doing well. Please I would like you to post this for me to see if I can take legal action against this company.

Exactly a year now, I started receiving strange calls from unknown people asking about our building materials. Honestly, I’ve never worked with any company that deals in building materials. I found out from the people who called and it happens that, a well known company in Ghana here who deals in building materials misspelled some digits when printing their receipt, it turned to my number because of misplacing of two digits.

I went online to get their number. I called but nobody answered. Fortunately, someone called again to enquire about their building materials which I told the person it’s the wrong number. The person told me that’s the number on the receipt and another Vodafone line. I begged for the Vodafone line which he sent to me.

I called the Vodafone line to report the mistake they did on their receipt and the person assured me he will report to the heads. Nothing was done about this and the calls kept coming. I called their head office and they told me the same story but till now, nothing has been done about that.

Now I have a picture of the receipt-bearing my number on it. I’ve called the MTN office to find out if the number is registered in my name or the company name and they told me the number is registered in my name. This building company has accepted that it was a mistake. Misplace of two digits but they are still issuing this receipt to customers.

Please I want to know if I can take legal action against this company so that they will stop issuing the receipt to their customers. I don’t need any money from the company but I want them to stop using that receipt so that people will stop calling me.

Note: people call me as early as 3 am.

Please notify me when you post it.

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Written by Abena Magis

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