Can My Mum Walk Me Down the Aisle?


I know a lot of people will hide behind religion and tradition to bash me but I’m still gonna ask. Is there anything wrong with my mum walking me down the aisle on my wedding day?

Why am I asking this? My dad is still alive oo but he hasn’t contributed a pesewa towards my life and that of my siblings. When we were kids, we knew how abusive he was. We virtually begged our mum to leave him and take us away before he killed her and killed us too. Anytime he beat us or our mum, he wouldn’t stop until we passed out. We suffered so much violence that we were grateful when she finally took us away from him.

Now, my fiancé and I have been discussing marriage for sometime now. I decided to convince mum to walk me down the aisle but it looks like she feels a bit uncomfortable about what people will say. She thinks a man should do that. She says she doesn’t want my dad to do that but she will get my his brother or her brother to do it.

I really wanna know why the one who nurtured me, pulled all her resources and strength into making me who I am today isn’t qualified to give me out for marriage.

Why should someone who I don’t have any relationship with and someone who didn’t contribute to my upbringing be there one day to give me out for marriage ?
Should I just allow the stranger called father(the sperm donor) do it sake of tradition or I should convince mum to forget society and please herself?

I will be reading comments.
Yours truly, LK.

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Written by Abena Magis


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