COVID-19: My Hubby is Refusing to Abide by My Measures


Kindly post this for me so that I will know other people’s views and please keep me anonymous.

I stay with my husband and a 19 year old sister. I delivered at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic so as a result I was scared to let people come into contact with my baby. My husband works at the hospital so I always want that when he returns from work or outside, he should bath and change his clothes before touching him. Both he and my sister have a problem with this.

I relaxed on some of the measures I kept in the house after the case count reduced. Now that we have started recording more cases again, they have ganged up to make me look like I’m being obsessive.

My measures are as follows:

  • They should wash their arms and change their clothes after coming from town
  • They should always sanitize their phones because the baby could touch it and put in his mouth.
  • If my husband goes for a public gathering, I ask him to bath and if it’s not necessary to go out I plead with him to stay at home but opana always has somewhere to go aside work.

Since he is a health worker, I expect him to know better because of the implications of any of us getting infected (we won’t be in contact with our baby). But my measures are bringing problems into my home. I’ve sat him down and spoken to him but still he’s adamant. What do I do? Mano fans please help me out thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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