Dear Diary – Mr Koomson II

Entry 2

Recap: Mr. Koomson – Entry One

I felt calm and alive after he had left me to go into his bedroom. He had on some black Adidas boxer shorts that showed his dick printed clearly. I couldn’t take my eyes off that humongous tool and it swung from side to side with each step he took. My itch began to go haywire as he got closer. I crossed my legs as I could fill a waterfall erupting in my pleasure box.

I was going to fuck his brains out. He just didn’t know. It wasn’t long before he sat by me. He smelled like heaven. It was something about his cologne that took hold of me. Nothing turned me on more than a good smelling man. I wanted to hop on and straddle him right then and there but, I stayed calm and kept my composure.

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His hands were like butter as he rubbed and grabbed every part of me. I kept my hands occupied with one gripping his ass, and the other massaging his dick and balls through his boxer shorts. It grew with every stroke until the point where I couldn’t fit my hand around it.

Koomson was very manly…

He kissed down the middle of my stomach until he was face to face with my pussy. He removed my panties which I had put back on after he left me, in one swift motion. He inhaled my pussy fumes as he did the smell check that all males do before they put the mouth or dick anywhere near the pussy just to be sure after my first cum. I wasn’t worried about it though. I took care of my pussy, cleaning it thoroughly and eating fruits daily for good smell and taste.

Not many women know that whatever you eat, your pussy will taste just like it. It smelled nice just like when he first placed his tongue there. Just soo clean like an untouched pussy.
He dug his tongue into it and started sucking, licking and gumming it as he did with my nipples. Moans and deep panting started to manifest and fill the room.

I grabbed a hand full of  his head down more as I thrust and jolted my hips vigorously. He narrowed his tongue and jabbed and stabbed my opening rapidly. I clenched my legs around his head. My backed arched to the point of breakage and I detonated all over his face. He started blowing on my lips and clit which intensified my orgasm, causing my legs to go numb and shake violently. When he surfaced from between my legs, his face from forehead to chin was drenched in my juices. “Shit girl! That pussy taste so good! I can eat that shit for days,” he said as he wiped his face with my panty


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He smiled at me, pulled me up, and bent me over. He teased me at first, rubbing his penis between my lips and flicking my clit. He continued this until I was at my breaking point, begging him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. Then, he entered me in one long swift stroke filling every nook and cranny of my vagina, making me scream out in sexual bliss. He took it out, and without giving me time to catch my breath repeated the motion.

This time it sent me into an erotic coma. He had fucked me senseless with just two strokes. I was totally under his control. He continued to stroke me long and deep from the back. With each pump, I could feel my opening spreading, letting more and more of him in me.

My pussy was no match for his big dick…in as much as I was hurting I still wanted him to go deep.
I begged him to let me breathe. He paused. Then he turned to me and smiled..and said calmly, I love to hear you beg me more.” 


That’s all I can write today Diary. Until Tomorrow.

Yours, Amiwaa.

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Written by Abena Magis

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