Dear Diary – Mr Koomson III

Entry 3

Recap: Entry 2

Mr. Koomson positioned me at the end of the couch. He got onto his knees, spread my legs wide and entered me. He quickly picked up his pace jamming and ramming me. I tried to run away but he was too strong and held me in place. There was nothing I could do but, sit there and take this sexual punishment. After all, this was what I wanted.  It wasn’t long before I came again. This time I squirted all over the leather couch.

He grabbed both of my legs and spread them wide and entered my oasis of pleasure with slow strokes. I joined in by rotating my hips to match his strokes to add to the pleasure. I felt he was enjoying it when I grabbed and scratching his chest. His moans and slurs continued to fill the room as I quickened my hips pace and force. I didn’t run from it. He embraced it by spreading my legs to their widest point for maximum penetration.

He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “take it.”

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I realized he wanted to cum but, he kept holding it back..

I took his dick out of my pussy. I started sucking it.

He shot a load of cum all over my face and in my mouth. I licked and swallowed every drop.

Koomson was still hard even after cumming..

He quickly pushed it back inside my pussy. He wanted more. The energy he had!🙂

In his house, on the couch, all messed up. We were all dirty and totally wild. His body pressed against mine. My boobs rubbed his chest and his cock was still inside my vagina. It was pleasing, I must say. Oh! What an animal he was. Screwed me up good.

I was tired. My pussy needed rest but, at the same time still wanted more..

Then there came a knock on his door 🚪 

It was 7:40pm. Who could it be at this time?

He hurriedly helped me to get my stuffs and made hide behind his couch. Gosh what was going on! It was scary how quickly he changed. I had no choice than to hide.

He opened the door after putting his shorts on. There came a woman’s voice, angrily asking him why he wasn’t picking her calls..

(His girlfriend? Or who?) Damn my luck…..

I’m so tired Diary. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Yours, Amiwaa.

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Written by Abena Magis


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