Dear Some Men, She’s not Your Investment


I must confess you’re doing a good job to help our relationships and I’ll like to add my voice. I’ve come across a couple of your posts concerning men who were later rejected by the women they sponsored through school and it’s quite pathetic but the ladies are not to be blamed.

Help must be offered on genuine grounds. If you love a lady whom you wish to marry but needs to go through school, sponsoring her should not be seen as an investment. It’s either you marry her outrightly and later cater for that education or other needs as a husband or you offer a helping hand out of benevolence.

Having the idea that she would marry you after her education or whatever endeavor she’s pursuing is a delusion and our men should bear that in mind. You may be bringing in the financial support but someone somewhere may be working on her just to win her love. In the end, you will feel betrayed or disappointed but trust me, she may only see you as a help God brought her way.

Kindly find love with her before you become a sponsor else support her as an act of kindness but don’t make her an investment you hope to reap in the future. Thank you.

From O.B_Rich

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Written by Abena Magis


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