Don’t Ignore the Sex by Pitchler


My name is JOSEPH PITCHLER and for the very first time let me share something very important with the Manofans.

Don’t Ignore The “Sex”

1. For most of you with “religious” backgrounds, it appears that sex is forbidden as a vital thing to look out for when choosing a life partner. Hardly will you hear it or see it on the list of singles. Sometimes it’s because of our orientation and mindset about sex. And most people fear being tagged as “spoilt”: especially the females in our part of the world, causing them to unhealthily suppress their sexual instincts and desires

2. Ask the average person what they look out for in a person they want to marry and all you will hear is caring, loving, money, cooking, cute, good beautiful, handsome blablabla without any emphasis on the fact that you need somebody who sexually turns you on. Though that is highly neglected due to orientation and religious backgrounds, it happens to be one of the vital pillars upon which any successful marriage stands.

3. Understand that it is torture to marry someone you are not sexually attracted to and sexually turned on by. At first you think you can manage it or it’s nothing but as the years go by you will feel the wound of that missing element and emptiness it brings and if care is not taken it will drag you into an endless cycle of untamed sexual infidelities. Hence paying maximum attention to this is very Vital.

4. I tell young singles, marry someone who turns you on sexually amidst all the other things on your list. Make sure this element is not missing. It matters a lot. If there is a slightest chance of a poor sexual connection with a person you intend to spend the rest of you life with, please find your way OUT. Because if that element is not there and you walk into it anyway, you’re going to spend your marriage life in regrets and dissatisfaction!

5. As a Christian, definitely make sure that the person you will get married to is a Christian too and shares the same doctrinal convictions with you. Make sure he/she has all the physical and behavioral elements you look for in a spouse BUT please make sure you don’t neglect the sexual attraction! He/ She should be a person you can’t wait to “bang” over and over. That “I want to undress you” factor must be there! It is very vital. Everything has it’s place and the place of sexual attraction must not be ignored!

6. Remember, when you marry, you will not “eat” cuteness, money, respect, good cook and etc. Your sexual instincts will not be satisfied by food, money and respect, etc. It can only be satisfied by the sexual bond so don’t neglect it. If the person you will marry has everything but that, a good advice for you will be STAY AWAY. Remain friends-“Hi, Hello, How are you.” It is good that way than imprisoning yourself in sexual dissatisfaction all your life! Learnt Something? Let Me Know!


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Written by Abena Magis

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