Farting and Love


Hello my name (Abena) lol thanks for the good work. Let me also share mine errrhh about the farting nu ????????????????

My advice is be with someone who feels comfortable around withi

It is about my husband and I. We are so much ???? into each other and freely fart around each other.

Imagine what happened the other day. We were going oral. I was sucking him and he was also licking me which meant my butt was facing him. I am a little heavy with my backside so as you can see, my butt was covering his face.

The sweetness was so intense that I lost control of myself and the fart came out ???? He just raised my butt and said “mmmmmm Ewurabena. ???? We both laughed and continued doing our thing.

Be with someone you feel comfortable with and marry your friend too not these type of serious people that even if the fart is coming kraa you will have to hold it in ????


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Written by Abena Magis

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