My Fiance Says I Don’t Have Sense


Please I’m so sorry for texting you this late but I want you to post this for me to see whether I’m overreacting or not. Yesterday my fiance told me in front of my mom and my mom’s male friend that I talk as if I don’t have a brain.

Auntie Abena, to cut the long story short, I’ve not been on talking terms with my elder brother for two years now. He was full of himself and he spoilt my name to people that I don’t respect anyone.

He disowned me in front of his co-workers that I’m not his sister.
Told this same fiance of mine that I don’t have sense and a whole lot of insult. When he sees us together he doesn’t greet my fiance so he told my fiance that’s the reason why he ignores him.

Two weeks ago, my fiance wanted my big bro and I to patch things up. Going to my mother, I told her I only wanted a “good morning, good evening” relationship with him because I don’t want any more hurt from him. She insisted I call him and I said no!

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with my mom and her male friend. The friend said a time could come where I’ll need my elder brother’s help so I should call him. I still said I won’t because if it’s only his help that will even save my life or will take me to heaven then I prefer to die instead.

After saying, that my fiance whom we will be getting married on the first of January told me that I talk as if I don’t have sense. He asked whether I want them to pamper me. Right in front of my mom and her friend o. He stood up trying to leave and my mom pleaded with him to stay back.

This guy knows everything I have gone through in my brother’s hands and still said this which surprised me. When he left I texted him that a sensible guy like him can’t be with a senseless girl like me so I hope he is not calling me again.

Auntie Abena, the painful thing this my brother has done to me and the tears I have shared is not easy. Can I get an advice on what to do? Thanks

Sorry for the long post

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. First apologise to your guy
    Secondly for sleeping dog to lie spite of pains upons pains and hardship he caused apologise to him doesn’t reduce your dignity and value

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