My Fiance took My Money and Set Me Up


May God bless you for your good work. I’m in a very devastated mood and I want the family to advice me on what to do after my fiance took my money and set me up.

Now to my story

My fiance and I have been together for almost 2 years (about a year and 8 months). Initially when we met he was halfway through on a building project so it was incomplete. We were dating during the time he finished completing a part of the house and moved in. He told me everything about his life and even though he was working at that time, things weren’t all that great for him. My mistake was cohabiting with him.

From the beginning, things weren’t that bad between us. We used to join part of our salaries every month (though mine was the biggest) to take care of the house and everything, be it food, light and DSTV

Later on, I started noticing certain changes in him. He was taking women out occasionally but just like most relationships, we settled issues and moved on. There was this particular girl though…

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Anyway, fast forward he got a school feeding contract sometime ago and convinced me to get a loan worth 10,000 ( ten thousand Ghana cedis) for him to use it. He would then help me service it. I got the loan but wanted us to use his sisters name to fill the forms for the business and use my Ezwich card for it

The day came and he rather used his Ezwich and his sister’s name instead of mine. Note that when I brought in the money, I asked him to sign an agreement with me. I wanted us to leave a copy at the police station but he insisted we just go ahead because of the trust we had in each other. Besides we were living together. His argument was sound that I had to agree.

Now, when he used his sister’s name to fill the forms, her husband called me to tell me. I confronted him but he got really mad and said a whole lot to me. Things started looking bad between us at that time so I was a bit scared of the future

There was this one time when I was on my way home from work and suddenly felt very ill. I decided to stay at my mother’s end for sometime to recuperate. You can therefore imagine my surprise when somebody from the area called me that immediately I left the house, my boyfriend brought in another girl.

Auntie Abena, throughout the time I was at my mum’s place, he never bothered to call and check up on me. I had severe malaria and was very sick. Thankfully, I got better and decided to move back to his house. I got there and asked him only for him to get mad and hit me hard with his belt hook! Wow. This is a guy I did everything in my power as a woman for.

I decided to take my money and pack my stuff and leave but he refused to give it to me. He said he wouldn’t talk to me too if I decide to stay. Also said that I will not be able to bear his maltreatment so I decided to send the case to court.

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Later on, he came with some old people, including his father, to beg me that he is sorry. That he will marry me but I should just give him sometime. Out of love, I agreed but decided to leave the house and wait for him since he promised that after the lock down he would come and see my people. I’ve been waiting since.

Auntie Abena, whiles I was staying with my parents, I met this guy who was so good to me. He was very cool with me and things started working on with us. Out of loneliness, I started seeing him so I visited him sometimes at his house. Auntie Abena, after sometime this guy started asking me for money. Because of my past experience with my ex I was reluctant to give

Can you believe that I found out it was this my ex who arranged with this new guy to come and propose to me? He wanted to get something to base on and show the court. This new guy sent all our chats, pictures and almost everything we did together to my ex

Auntie Abena, my ex set me up and I fell for it. I didn’t know they had planned it all along. I was so hurt and went crazy. What did I do to deserve this? I was only a woman who loved a man and cared for him. If he didn’t love me that much then why take me for granted and hurt me even more?

Now I want my money because I am not interested in any reconciliation but I don’t know how to go about it.

I’m in a very bad state even though I’m getting used to everything, I want you and your fans to advice me on what to do to get the loan back.

Written by Abena Magis


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