Friends with Benefits Clash at a Wedding



I’m a very open minded and free spirited person, so my friends really feel comfortable around me without feeling judged or anything, but this particular matter has really got me thinking and really disturbed.

So the long story short, a lady friend of mine told me about how she met this fine guy on Facebook. After several convos, they decided to be “fuck buddies” or friends with benefits without any strings attached. I’m sure they barely knew each other’s full names. These people have been “Fuck Buddies” for 7 months now.

Last month, a lady friend we all know invited us to her wedding. To our surprise, her Groom was the “Fuck Buddy” of my friend. I decided to confront him over it without informing his fiancee, my friend.

The explanation he gave was he saw her Fb account among the list of his fiancee’s friends and decided to send a request. He said he didn’t expect things to get this complicated. Hmmm.

The problem right now is, whom I should be the good friend to? Should I shut up about the affair of my friend with my other friend’s husband or tell my childhood friend about the affair? I’m super confused now.

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Written by Abena Magis


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