Grace and Ruth

This is a rather very long story. My conscience is disturbing me a little and I want to share it. I have a bestfriend let’s call him Edward and his fiancee Grace. (Please note all names are made up).

Edward and Grace have been together for 7 years from when we were doing our National Service. I had always known they were not good for each other but I couldn’t say anything. I just kept praying that someday his eyes would open before it was too late.

Early last year on my way from Nigeria, I met a lady named Ruth. Something about her just made me know that she and Edward would be perfect for each other. Ruth and I stayed in touch and became quite close. She is funny, smart, grounded, beautiful, just an all rounded amazing human being. She is not perfect, we have disagreed a couple of times but the relationship between us is still going strong. My point is she is perfect for Edward, and just like I thought, the day they met it was inevitable. I felt like I was watching a corny love movie but it wasn’t.

I promise, I never put in a good word for Ruth, in my heart I know that they are meant to be. The thing is yesterday, Grace called me and informed me that Edward broke up with her and that he told her he is not sure he wants to marry her anymore. She was devastated and rightly so, but she accused me of not liking her and introducing Ruth to Edward in a bid to destroy their relationship. Where did I go wrong in this?

Written by Abena Magis


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