He Asked For a Break, I Made It Permanent


Good afternoon to you and all mano fans. Please help me post this as a contribution to the post on “breaks in relationships.” I’m going through that now. My boyfriend works outside Kumasi (government worker) but lives in Kumasi because he has a business in Kumasi too. He goes to work early Monday and returns on Fridays to attend to his business during the weekends. I am also a student so everything was okay for me because I was also busy with school and other activities. We mostly talked on phone and met one one bi but we were fine.

Everything started when all the schools closed down and I had to stay in the house alone (I live alone). He was always busy with work that I sometimes didn’t hear from him. Out of loneliness, I started going out to have fun with friends (females). For that too, he would get mad at me on phone (he is not the outing type) and ask me to go back home. He too nso a, he won’t go out with me.

For me to even see him too was a problem that all our fights were based on the fact that he didn’t have time for me. I was admitted at the hospital last week (I was discharged last Friday) and I asked him to be with me during the weekends because I wasn’t that okay and was scared something might happen to me. He told me he would go to work so he can’t be with me. I had to call my big sister, who is married with kids, to come and be with me.

I was home this Sunday when a male friend of mine called me that he is passing by to check up on me (I had already told him I wasn’t feeling well). We went to a nearby eatery where I met one of my boyfriend’s friends. His friend obviously called him and told him about it. Later in the day, my boyfriend called and said lots of hurtful things to me (thinking I was cheating on him) then he added that “I’ve thought of it that, we need a break.” All I could say was “okay.” He didn’t call me again till yesterday when I saw his call. I just picked up and told him the break is not over, I’m really enjoying it so we should continue. I didn’t even listen to him.

He has been calling till now but, why must you even opt for a break when issues can be solved? He shouldn’t have asked for a break even in my condition at that moment. You see the happiness on the faces of students when it is break time? I’m fine now and I don’t think we are getting back again, because being in that relationship was the same as being single.

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Written by Abena Magis

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