He Blocked Me After We Had Sex


Good evening. I’m sad as I’m writing you this story of mine.

There is this friend of mine who fell in love with me. He couldn’t shoot his shot so he informed other friends to talk to me on his behalf. I turned him down. It didn’t end there. Our mutual friends kept pestering me with the same issues but still I turned him down.

7 years down the line, he informed another friend to talk to me but this time I accepted.

Auntie ABENA, I fell in love with him as we started dating. We all have our flaws but we planned to work it out. It was beautiful and loving.

In the month of September I had a marriage proposal but I turned it down all because of him. He promised me that I will never regret the decision I’d made for him. Things were all right between us as we kept solving issues that came our away.

He celebrated his birthday last week, so a day after I asked to take him out. He said no and that he wants us to meet in his room. I agreed.

Then upon getting into the room, he started removing my dress and there and then, wanted to penetrate me whilst I wasn’t even wet. I fought with him not to enter me whilst I’m dry down there and he got pissed off.

I apologized to him but he wouldn’t even look at my face all because he was angry. I quickly watched some naughty videos to get wet without his knowledge. We finally made love as I did everything to erect his manhood.

Right after that, he went out of the room and never returned till I left to my house. I’ve apologized but still he is angry and has even blocked me. I’m so hurt as I believed in him and turned down the marriage proposal all because of him.

My mum on the other side is now giving me pressure to marry. When I told her I’ve broken up with the guy for whose I turned the proposal down, she became so mad that, she told me if I do not introduce a man to her soon then I can’t attend any wedding or amaria again.

I’m so confused as I’m afraid I might make a mistake if I don’t take care. Or should I use different number to talk to him?

Make new friends

Written by Abena Magis


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