He Calls Me Maame


My partner has stopped calling me ‘dear’ as we usually called ourselves to calling me ‘Maame,’ just like he calls any other female.

I asked him to stop it since it feels awkward seeing him address any other person Maame especially in a compound house. He gets angry at me showing concern about the issue. He naturally finds it difficult to admit anything concerning his actions.

He called a JHS graduate ‘Maame.’ I didn’t react instantly but brought it up in one of our conversations and all hell broke loose that day. He got very furious saying I’m a difficult person and that I should know and get used to him calling other ladies same, and that he finds nothing wrong with it.

I suggested calling them sister is not bad if he doesn’t want to address me by my name and still want to maintain the maame. Out of anger he chuckled saying who is a jhs girl to be addressed as sister? 😮😮😮😮.

Am I wrong to ask my partner to address me appropriately or he is right by insisting I get used to the “public address?”

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Maame has anyone told you, you are not serious before? You are really childish to my opinion.
    Insisting on your way won’t get you married

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