He Claims He Married by Proxy


I need advice on something. Please is it possible for a guy to marry someone on behalf of another (his cousin) and his name will be on all the marriage documents with his cousin’s “wife”? Note: he claims the said cousin is outside the country.

So the issue is that we been dating for like 8 months now. I recently saw a wedding picture of him but when I confronted him with it he denied by telling me he stood in for his auntie’s son.

Even before I came across the wedding pictures I kept asking him about his marital status but he always assured me he was single. I made someone check his documents and his marital status were on all them which also indicated he was married

Now, he says he changed the status of his profile to “married” so he could claim some money (he gave me a long story) and said that it’s his cousin’s name he is using to get it. I don’t know why he keeps lying about his marital status or denies his wife anytime this issue comes up.

I don‘t know why he would be lying to me about his marital status or denying his wife anytime this issue comes up.

Auntie Abena I think I have all the evidence I need that he’s married but I just can’t accept it. Help a sister.

Would it be necessary to contact hiswife and tell her what he’s beenup to? I want to cut him off myself but it’s not been easy. I don’t want to break anyone’s home too.

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Written by Abena Magis

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