He Doesn’t Have My Dream Size


Please let me be anonymous. I dated this guy in my class about a year ago. He had all the physical qualities I needed in a man but he didn’t treat me right.

He treated me as if I was some kind of tool he was using. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave him because he had all I needed in a man. I spent a lot of money on him believe me but, gradually I realised he didn’t love me but was just there for the benefits. He used to body shame me and call me ugly so I left.

A few months ago I met this new guy I’m with and trust me the guy is great but there’s a problem. He doesn’t have my dream dick size. His dick is a bit small and I’m so confused right now. What do I do?

My ex was well endowed and now he’s back with a whole bunch of explanations. What do I do? Stay with someone who doesn’t have my ideal dick size or go back to the one who has?
I’m really confused

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My, we live in a world where we mostly don’t get all we want in one, especially when it comes to human relations, so please,

    You left A: big penis, bad treatment, not paying.
    B: small dic, good treatment, supportive.

    there are others with different qualities and nature, compromise, the one that best suits your need, “big dick” nd tolerate the ” body shaming ” and ” ugly ” passes.

    The choice is still yours to make.

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