He Gave Me a Hot Slap for Leaving


I’ve been dating a guy for awhile now. During one of our conversations from the early part of our relationship, he said that I shouldn’t expect more from him. I asked him more of what and he said everything including future plans. I said oook and dating continued. Sometimes I would ask him, “did you mean what you said the other time?” and he will answer with an energetic “Yes.”

8 months down the lane, I met another guy, a teacher, who was so caring and started planning the future with me. Everything he does he includes me. I began to fall for the second guy because age is not on my side so one day I decided to open up to my first guy that I want us to break up. I’m aging and didn’t want the relationship to crash before I will be referred, he said ok, I can go.

I started packing some of my stuff in his room whiles he sat quietly in the sofa watching me. When I was done packing, I told him I’m leaving and he gave me a hot slap bi which rearranged my brains. He told me he is not letting me go because he loves me but the truth is I don’t love him anymore. And I also don’t even trust his love words and love actions . I want to spend my life with the second guy not him. I’m confused don’t know what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My sister, where lies your confusion? Have you misconstrued the hot hefty slap for love? Lol. Don’t sound ridiculous. You better hurry for your life before it’s too late. What else are you not convinced after telling you not expect the future with him? A word to a wise …..

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