He Left When I Needed Him Most


l really need your advice because my heart is troubled and broken.

I was with a guy for two years now. We’re both living in different states (we are outside Gh) but I visited him more than he did. I understood him because I’m sharing my apartment with someone which didn’t make him comfortable when coming to my place.

Of late, he started showing a strange attitude towards me. I decided not to ask why he’s doing that after I got to know he was seeing another lady.

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I was pregnant and went to the hospital. The doctor told me I have BP so I needed to rest. I called this guy that I’m coming to his place to rest, only for him to tell me his new girlfriend is around so I shouldn’t come.

Auntie Abena, I cried a lot that day and the most painful thing was I’d lost my mum not even up to a week before this happened. Yet he didn’t care and added more pain to my pains.

I had my baby just last week Thursday but I lost my baby because of stress according to the doctors. My mum was also buried two days after I lost my baby which is just last Saturday.

Please to cut everything short, now the guy has made it clear to me that it’s over between us. I find it very unbearable because one, I lost my baby just two days to the burial of my sweet mum

Why must he do that to me in this my difficult time or moment? I am losing my mind. Please ls help me overcome this. I seriously need an advice. Please pls help a dying sister. The pain is too much for me to bear

She’s been referred to a psychologist

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Written by Abena Magis

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