He Says I Cheated, I Didn’t


I met this guy not long ago and have come to love him unconditionally. He has my Facebook password which I gave to him willingly.

Auntie Abena he once visited and had access to my phone. He read my chats with some guys. There was one with a male friend. He asked for a visit and I agreed so he came over. Later he also invited me to his place and I went.

My boyfriend read these messages and concluded that I cheated on him. He’s saying he can’t continue with me anymore. It hurts me so much whenever he uses that word because I never, and won’t ever do such an act.

Please Kwaku if you come across this post, please don’t let go of me because I am so much in love with you.

Manofans please help me apologize to him cuz I never did what he thinks of. I was just trying to be a friend to the other guy and not the “other way.” I deeply regret my actions because I could have prevented all these by ignoring the guy.

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Written by Abena Magis

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