He Told His Main Girl I’m His Niece


Good afternoon God bless you for doing great job. Please I need your advice. Please I am really hurt inside and can’t control my emotions and don’t know what to do.

Just recently, I met this guy who proposed to me that he wants us to be together and also marry me. At first I didn’t give him a chance. He continued saying it each and every blessed day that I should give him a chance to just see the kind of person he is but I still said No.

He then informed his older sister that he is in love with me so she should talk to me. The sister met and talked to me several times about him. She one day asked me to give my number to her because her brother had been requesting for it. With due respect I gave it to her.

He started calling me and told me much about himself. He told me that he didn’t want to hide anything from me and wanted to be truthful to me. Then he said, he has a child with someone but the child is with his mother. By this I questioned him why he is not with his baby mama. He explained everything to me that he went to school (police training) only for him to return and find out that the lady had cheated on him and gotten pregnant.

I secretly asked his sister and she comfirmed it. This made me believe him so I relaxed and started to develop love for him. What made me trust him was that I know not all men can boldly tell you that they have a child with someone. I also found out that he used to take alcohol small small

This was actually one of my reason why I didn’t like him from the beginning so I took this opportunity to ask him why he use to drink. He told me that anytime he thought of how his ex betrayes him he’s forced to take it. I did my best to stop him from drinking since drinking is not a good thing to involve yourself in and with God. Gradually he stopped it and now he no more drinks again.

He invited me to his house to cook for him. He said he used to eat from his sister’s house but wanted to put a stop to it. I told him to inform the sister first because I didn’t want the situation whereby she would say because of me her brother was not eating her food anymore. He did talk to the sister about it which she agreed so I started doing that whenever he wanted me to. I was cooking, washing, cleaning etc for him.

We started doing everything together like walking to the market. Even when he wanted me to accompany him to any place be it in his workplace or his church, I did it. But there was something odd about him. There was a particular call with the name Felicia which he refused to pick. When I asked him why he was refusing to answer that call, he said nothing.

I just ignored till when I saw that it started becoming unbecoming. I told him he should tell me every truth about that girl Felicia and him. All he said was that they are just friends who went for training together. She had an issue he helped her with and that’s all. There’s nothing between them. I kept on telling him to tell me the truth rather than me finding out for myself but he still insisted there’s nothing there.

I moved to Kumasi 2 months ago because my sister has given birth but we always talk. Then one day I got a call from someone in the area that he had seen my boyfriend hanging around with some lady. I asked this guy what is going on there and he said nothing. Just as simple as that. Again I started getting calls from people with evidence that he is cheating but when I asked him he said it wasn’t true and I shouldn’t believe what people are saying about him. I said Okay.

Becose of the voting I decided to come back, only to find out that he is now staying with that Felicia girl in one room. Auntie Abena, I am really dying slowly inside. Please I don’t know what to do. Please help me with advice. What even pains me most is I talked to the girl and she told me that he said I am his sister’s daughter who used to cook, wash and clean for him.

With this I feel like cursing him for his rest of life. I don’t want to let him go free for the pain he has caused me. Please I need your advice before I do anything.

Because I can’t even eat. I can’t even sleep. I can’t do anything. Please am dying inside.

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Written by Abena Magis


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