He Wants Me Back because I’m Beautiful


Please, I’m one of the top fan of your page and would like you to post this for me.

I dated a guy in 2011. He was always there for me and even helped me find me a job. He used to talk about how beautiful I was until I fell sick and started reducing weight.

One day, he came to my work place with his friend and I overheard the friend talking bitterly about my looks. My guy’s attitude started changing towards me afterwards. He started avoiding me. I cried secretly at night.

Weeks later, I discovered it was pregnancy that had made me lose weight. I informed him and he told me that my friend once called to tell him that I had snatched her guy away from her. Therefore, he didn’t think he was the one not responsible. This broke me. I informed my mum and she called him only for him to tell her that he’s not ready to be a father.

He made me go through a whole lot. He went as far as taking me to a hospital to terminate the pregnancy because he didn’t want the child. Auntie Abena, the shame and the trauma I went through was so hurtful.

So because I was no more beautiful like he wanted, this was my punishment? His friends mocked me and made me feel very bad. Hmmm, so that meant he was only with me because I was beautiful then?

Though it was painful for me, I moved on. I bettered myself and I can say life has been good all these years. After 9 good years, one of his friends (who mocked me about my looking ugly) saw my pics on Facebook. He came inbox and told me how more beautiful I have become. I ignored him. Not knowing that he went and and told his friend (my ex).

Just this morning, my ex called me trying to win me back. He begged me to forgive him because he had a child with a lady but it didn’t work between them. He then got married to another lady, had two kids with her too but the lady started cheating on him so they are now divorced.

He’s therefore begging me to give him a chance because he still has feelings for me. I also told him that I can’t be with a man who has three kids with two different women. Since he rejected mine and disgraced me I’ll prefer being with someone who loves me irrespective of how I look.

He’s very hurt by what I said especially after having said sorry to me. Please was I wrong to respond that way to him?

Thank you 🙏

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Dear you did no wrong with the answer you gave him.
    Don’t accept him back, there’s someone better out there for you honey.
    You did very well

  2. This your reply to him was just too small. You should have give him a good slap if he were to around to make it a complete good reply.

  3. Madam, that was the best thing to do. The thing is, if he wasn’t there for you when things were tough and couldn’t be with you because your looks weren’t what he wanted at that time then what do you think would happen if you were to be in that same situation again or even worse…. I am a man myself but never trust a guy who wouldn’t be there for you in your tough times and he even went ahead to listen to his friends’ opinions about you…. such a shame….

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