He Wants Us to Elope but I Have a Boyfriend


Season greetings to and to your noble fans
Thanks for the marvelous efforts you are putting out here. Please I’m faced with a challenge and I want your fans to help me out.

I’m 28 yrs and I have a boyfriend, a Christian, who has introduced me to his family and wants to settle down with me but my problem is he’s too self centered and that makes me feel uncomfortable around him.

His parents really wants us to be together. I told my mom about his intentions towards me and she’s equally happy but his demeanor is a turn off. Anytime I call him, t is either he’s occupied with work or he’s tired so I’ve learned to live my life without him.

There’s another guy, a Muslim, who is everything I’ve ever prayed for. He has never been in a relationship and treats me like a queen. He’s asked me out and I’ve accepted him but my mom isn’t in support likewise his mom because we’re from different religions.

He wants us to elope since our parents are not in support. I really wanna be with him but my mom prefers my Christian boyfriend to him.
Auntie Abena please help me

Written by Abena Magis

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