Help, I Love Women Older Than Me


Thank you for all the good things you are doing for your followers. I am a secret reader of your page, and I have a little problem or let me say an issue I want to share with your followers.

I am a 27 year old graduate from the University in Ghana, and in fact with all the knowledge I have gathered from school I still don’t have a job. I even hold a first class honors and the way I have applied to different companies for employment but still not picked, I can’t even think far. All proved futile so I have decided to find a job myself.

I met a woman some time ago. She took me as her son, gave me a room in her house and started providing for me small small. Her husband is in the States so she is alone here in Ghana. One day she called me to help her carry something to her room upstairs. Upon getting there, I found her naked in bed and she asked me to come and help her by massaging her back. Little did I know she was going to let us do the do. (NB: we had sex with a condom).

I begged her not to let us do that again because I’m like a son to her and saw her as a mother figure. She responded that anytime she sees me she gets horny and that when I wash and dry my boxers, she sometimes goes to take it and smell it because it makes her feel satisfied imagining my prick in the boxers.

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Auntie Abena, my dick is also thick and long so when I wear my boxers you could see the print, it’s a 10.3 inch size and very thick. Before I could say anything she had already put my dick in her mouth sucking it and one thing led to another we had sex. (I don’t have sex without a condom). I felt very bad and embarrassed and quickly ran into my room because I felt like I had slept with my mum.

Fast forward, the sex kept happening and I got so addicted to her that we could have sex all day. She had her own business so she bought me a car but I told her that I don’t need that because I need to get a job. I pleaded with her that if it’ll be possible, she should sell the car and give me the money because I want to start a business.

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She said no and that she wanted me to look classic for her so that when her friends come over, she can introduce me properly. Auntie this thing was getting worse because I couldn’t go a day without feeling for sex and this woman could make me fuck her anytime of the day.

One day, one of her friends came over to visit her and my madam told the friend I am her “sugar boy” and that I’m good in bed and have a huge dick. I felt uncomfortable with her saying that in front of her friend but couldn’t say anything.

2 weeks after that, she travelled to the States to visit her husband’s place and left me alone in the house. Her friend came to visit her and realised she wasn’t around. This friend then asked me if I could come over to her house in the evening and help her with some car washing. I told her no problem because I had no bad intentions towards her but, little did I know that was another trap.

This friend called my sugar mummy and told her I was going over to her house to help her do some things and my sugar too told her alright no problem. When we got there, second mummy asked me to come inside first and eat then after I go and wash the car. I went inside and the food turned into 3 rounds of sex. I fucked this woman to the extent that I forgot I was sleeping with my “sugar mummy’s friend.”

I asked her where her husband was and she told me he is dead. I felt sad for her and told her to take heart. She opened up and told me she had never felt so good like this in bed since she started having sex in her entire life. Not even when she was married to her husband did she feel like that. I spent three days in her house because she lived there all alone with her house help and I gave her all the sex she wanted.

When I was leaving, she gave me a cheque of GHS8,000 but I told her that I didn’t want to take the money because it will look like she was paying me for a job I did for her. The thing too is, I didn’t need her money as my sugar mummy had left me enough for me to use till she comes back.

My sugar mummy spent two months at her husband’s place and anytime she felt horny would call for us to have video sex, seeing her curvy shape and ass made my prick so hard. Towards the latter part of her stay there, second mummy was still demanding for sex.

I didn’t want my sugar mummy to know because I had fallen in love with her. Even though both of them have a nice taste down there, I still wanted my sugar mummy. She finally arrived and before I could even open up and tell her the truth about her friend and I, she told me “hey, don’t worry. I already know what went on. I am okay with it just keep fucking the two of us and make us happy and you will have everything you want.”

I felt very ashamed and was so traumatized because this was wrong. Within a week, I will fuck her friend for three days and come back and fuck her for four days. Heeeerrrrr, so one day I opened up to her that since I still don’t have a job I wanted to make this my permanent job, I would keep fucking sugar mummies and make money.

She said no and that the two of them will provide everything for me. That because I am handsome, they were afraid someone else would take me away from them. That I should just stay and tell them what I want. I agreed and told her I wanted to start my own company because I have a degree and I can’t make it go waste.

They told me that they’ll fly me out of the country for vacation and when we come back, we could think about the business I wanted to do but, I told them I wanted to establish myself before I thought of travelling. They both promised to get me what I want once we come back, and I agreed to it.

We travelled and had so much fun. We could even have sex in the elevator at the hotel we were lodging, in fact sex became my surname. Now, my problem is that second mummy wants me to marry her but should still continue to fuck the two of them. I don’t like the idea of marriage right now because I am kind of not having the mind psyched for that now.

Recently, I met a woman on my way home and she has also started bothering me. We had sex like two weeks after meeting her and she is so much into me now. Auntie Abena, it’s like my dick is really finding problems for me, anytime I have sex with a lady she gets addicted to me and can’t forget me.

There are some girls I had sex with back on campus and they still call me till date to have just one night stand with them again and in fact I am just going crazy. I have grown to love sex and I have also grown to love older women. How do I get out of this predicament I find myself in? Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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