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Happy new year to you and your household and thank you for your good work. My regards to the mano fans as well. I’m in a relationship with a lady who is very beautiful both outside and inside.

She is my childhood friend; I mean we were staying in the same house and if somebody told me we will EVER date one day I wouldn’t have believed it all because she was in P3 whiles I was in JHS 2 then. After completing JHS, I left the house so I wasn’t seeing her anymore. She travelled to Europe to spend some years and came back around 2015.

I told myself I will date her and like joke like joke when I saw her, she quickly hugged me for about 30 seconds and that was my first hug from a lady. She was looking so beautiful to the extent that I couldn’t watch her twice. We exchanged contacts and because we were good to each other, I didn’t do any hard proposal self before she agreed to be with me.

I was so amazed for her to be with me because I was some low guy. Imagine an SHS graduate thinking about how to survive but this girl loved me with all her heart and not because of money. There was a a little break up in 2016 for no good reason but I never forgot her in my heart and I kept loving her.

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She gave me her attention in 2020 when she went back to Europe and the love she lost for me in 2016 came back. She is madly in love with me now and does everything to show me she is in love with me by advising me, waking me up to work on time, cheering me up in life etc. One thing I like about her is sometimes she makes me feel we are the only people on earth, my queen God bless you

Here is the problem; anytime I talk about us getting married, she will tell me unless 3 year’s time. I have fully prepared physically, mentally and financially for it. I’m 28 and she is 22 years but I have agreed to wait for her.

This girl is so beautiful to the extent that any guy that sees her wants to date her. They try to do things for her (gifts and money) even more than what I’m doing for her but she ignores them because the difference is, I respect her, care and pamper her so much. It’s hard for her to see me angry even if she does something bad to me and sometimes it’s easy to make her happy when she is sad.

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Another problem is, she really has bad mood swings. She lives in Europe and I live in USA, and the only means of communication is through phone calls. We can talk nicely, smile with each other and kiss on phone before I go to work. Any little time I get, I always make sure that call to check up on her but by the time I call, she will be moody.

Two days can pass and she’ll still be moody. Sometimes, I try to pamper her but the more I do the more the more she gets mad. I’m a cool guy who forgives and apologizes easily even if I don’t have to apologize. Sometimes I fear to go home and call her due to her mood swings, because I’m the kind of guy who finds it difficult to eat or sleep when she gets upset.

I don’t give her a hard time neither does she, except for her mood swings. Her happiness is my propriety and if I ask her whether I am the cause of her mood swings she will say no. She normally tells me I have never caused pain in her life before but this problem has been eating me up.

I call her my QUEEN and she responds MY KING, but if her mood swings comes her response is “YES, HMMM, WOSE (pardon)?” and she won’t respond to my good night messages. Sometimes she can be on the phone smiling alone without talking to me. I am really really in love with her and nothing can change me from loving my QUEEN, we don’t argue on anything except her mood swings.

Please I really need advice for both of us. She is on this platform and I know she will read it. My queen, I brought this issue here because I want them to show me how to love you more and more and how you can DO away with this mood. Mano fans Please don’t tell me to leave her, ɛno paa deɛ memmfa (that one I won’t do) but rather advice me.

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Written by Abena Magis


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