Her Mother Doesn’t Know About the Teacher


I’m a young guy and have been a silent reader on your noble page for some months now. I came across the “13 year old girl” and “seducing a 6 year old” stories.

I will entreat all mothers to be very close to their children especially their daughters and be careful about so called male family friends.

I have this female friend who is in school now, Through frequent conversations with her, she opened up to me about a family friend who is a teacher. She said that when she was in JHS, she used to go for classes at this teachers place and eventually he started introducing her to sexual stuff. They did a lot of stuff anytime she went over for studies.

Till now, her mother doesn’t know anything about this incident and still flows very well with this teacher. This is because she isn’t that open with her daughter. Now the impact this thing has had on the girl is that, she’s sexually active now. Let’s say she’s sexually addicted. Even in school she initiates the act towards guys and they just use her anyhow. She’s also addicted to masturbation.

I am gradually helping her to come out of this masturbation thing by constantly talking to her and setting short period challenges for her to avoid masturbating. It’s gradual but I believe it will be successful.

My advice is that, mothers should be close to their kids and find out more about what’s going on in their lives. A lot of kids are really being sexually abused because they don’t what it is and they have no one to open up to.

Per my observation, when you introduce a child to sex, they become addicted to it whiles growing up and find it difficult to stop. Most of these young girls are how they are now because of how they were introduced to it at a tender age.

To the men out there who can’t discipline themselves, and make the move at the least opportunity, know that one-day you will grow old and die and be answerable to it.

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Written by Abena Magis

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