Her Mother Hates Me

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Good morning to you and my fellow Mano fans. I’m an ardent follower of your page and today I’ve come on board with my issue.

I’ve been with my girl for the past 1 year 4 months and I must confess that she possesses every quality I want in a woman. I’m 25 years old and she’s 20 years.

I involved her mother from the beginning of our relationship so that the mom will see me to be responsible of which I am. I helped this girl rent and also provided her with other stuffs. Anytime her mom asked for gifts and other stuff I provided them for her.

Now the problem is, the mom is going round telling lies about me which are not true. She’s saying I’m not able to provide for her (mother) and now basing her argument on my tribe. She’s also warned me to stay away from her daughter.

The girl and her aunties have assured me to remain calm because they love me. Her family are ready to accept me to be their in-law.

NB: My woman wasn’t brought up by her mom. Her mother came to be with her after SHS and I even brought up that idea. Please what should I do now? Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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