Her Mother Was My Sugar Mummy


I trust you are good. I am in a serious dilemma and I need some advice on what to do because I am going crazy.

Auntie Abena, I just found out that my girlfriend’s mum is the same woman I warmed her bed some years back during my national service. I found out after my woman took me to her house to make a formal introduction to her parents.

Before this meeting, I had been speaking to her mother on the phone for some months now and her voice sounded familiar but I brushed it off.

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There was uneasiness between my former sugar mummy and me when we saw each other, and it seems my relationship is heading to a disaster because the woman has sworn never to give her daughter to me as a wife.

This is a two year relationship that I have offered my sincere commitment as I have really fallen in love. My ex sugar mummy has ordered me to break up with her daughter since it is an abomination to sleep with both mother and daughter.

I know she will never be able to spill our dirty secret out but I am scared she might do something dangerous to me in pursuit of her agenda to make sure I stay out of her daughter’s life. Yes, the woman helped me during my difficult times as a service person but I also serviced her before we parted ways.

Should I tell her daughter about our affair or keep quiet? Should I give a funny excuse to break up with her daughter whom I so much would love to be my future wife? Thanks.

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In another story, there’s viral story on Twitter which is a conversation between a married woman and her younger boyfriend who is actually the one sponsoring her instead of the other way round.

Written by Abena Magis


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