He’s Angry with Me Because of a Sex Toy


I joined your page some months ago and I really appreciate your time and efforts. God bless you. I have a problem to which I need your advice even though it took me enough courage before sliding into your dm.

I’m a young lady of 26 years. I have been dating my boyfriend for years. He will soon become my baby daddy as I am 4 months pregnant 🤰. We really love each other but it seems we are both not matured enough because we can break up for like a year and come back together again.

This breaking up and coming back together made me have a child with a different man (my child is 7 years now) before we came back together again because me and my first baby daddy could not work out.

Around 2015, I had the chance to travel outside Ghana. I returned just this year May and we got back together. The problem now is ever since I became pregnant, my boyfriend has been refusing to give me time and attention.

Anytime I complain to him about his new behavior he starts giving excuses without thinking how I also feelsl. So I decided to buy myself a sex toy. I did but never used it because I have also been thinking about the negative aspects so I’ve been keeping the thing in my drawer.

He came here a week today, saw the thing in the drawer and is now mad at me for that. He says he is not going to come to my place till I put to bed as I’m ok with the sex toy. Please ask your fans if I did something wrong.

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Written by Abena Magis


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