He’s Going Back on His Promise


Hello good morning. I am a young girl and a student. I was working as a maidservant when a man approached me one day after work and asked of where I stay and do for a living. I told him I’m a school dropout due to financial difficulty.

Auntie Abena, he offered to take me back to school in exchange of me being his girlfriend. I foolishly accepted his offer without thinking about it. He did send me to school last year and because of the pandemic we were sent home by the school authorities but since I came home he’s been acting some way bi.

I told him yesterday that schools have been reopened. I would like to leave next week so I am looking forward to hearing from him. I received a message from him today that he’s done with anything concerning me schooling nu and I should forget that he even exist. I’ve been crying saa. I haven’t wronged him in anyway for him to do this to me.

What pains me more is he’s the type that forcefully has sex with me whether I’m menstruating or not. I have been enduring it because he paid my tuition bills and also took care of me. I don’t want to stop the school too. I pity myself for not thinking twice.

Dear Men (some), please if you can’t stay true to your words and promises, don’t fake concerns and comfort towards somebody.

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Written by Abena Magis

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