He’s Guilty of Defilement of a 12 Year Old but…


Hope you had a great day. Hmmm I just want to bring people’s attention on rape and child defilement.

There is a man living in the same compound with me. He was sought of the religious type and everyone knew and respected him as such. There is a woman who sells food on the road side of the main street of my neighborhood. She has 2 kids (boys) of her own and her brother’s daughter whom she was given to take care of because the brother and the wife both died.

This woman was well to do so she was in the capacity to take care of the girl she mistreated this girl very badly even though she feeds, clothes and send the girl to school.

Ending of 2020, she finally completed her house and moved in with her little family, no husband. Due to the corono virus ban on schools and some religious gatherings she women called the man staying in my compound to come to her house on Sunday to teach her kids religious stuff.

After teaching them whatever topic, he said he wanted to watch television before he leaves. The woman trusted him and didn’t object to it but not knowing he had his own agenda. She went to sleep but says she suddenly she woke up around 1AM.

Because of the area she’d built her house, she had had CCTV installed in and out of the house. The first thing she saw on the monitor which the cameras were connected to was the teacher heavily having sex with her niece.

She couldn’t believe her eyes so she quickly woke her son up to creep into the living room to check and see if what she’s seeing true. To her amazement everything was live and coloured.

Let me jump to the ending, since everything was caught on camera the woman had the man arrested since Monday dawn and she has the video on her phone. Some of my neighbors saw the video from and from what they saw, it’s obvious the girl wasn’t a virgin because she didn’t struggle with him and his prick was going in and out smoothly like a needle going through a thin cloth.

Those who watched the video even claimed the first style they did was doggy. Then after a while, she went into the bathroom and came back for missionary.

Note: The girl is only 12 years old

All I’m trying to advice with this is that, young guys should know how to say no to minors even if they approach them with sex. And also for women who won’t treat their sibling’s kids as their own, to just say no when they are being offered to them.

I don’t know if you could help us get the man released. He really fucked up big time but he isn’t all that well physically. When his sickness comes, he can’t get up from his sleeping bed by himself.

I’m hoping that we might get someone who could help us plead with the family of the girl to release the case from the police station. He’s being held at the Madina police station currently. He being a sick man doesn’t justify what he did but we all make mistakes.

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Written by Abena Magis


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