He’s Left Me Because I’m Not a Muslim


I need to talk to someone before I lose it. A man I dated for 4 years just left me because I am not a Muslim. I met him when he had nothing. I helped him to be what he is today. I denied my family because of him.

We had to share my room in my mum’s house. Things were very difficult for the two of us that sometimes even getting food to eat was a problem but, I never gave up. I convinced my brother to buy a car for him to use as urber. Things started picking up. Later, I convinced him to contest in a position in our constituency which he won.

Later, he went to Mecca. He sent his people to come and perform the Knocking rights, which they did, with the promise that he will marry me when he returns. When he returned, he won a big contract and bought a new car and rented an apartment which we moved into. Things were OK between us until he changed about 4 months ago. He goes out and comes home the next day. I will call him but he will never pick up. 

Later, I found out that I was 3 months pregnant. He did not consider my condition, and told me in the face that it’s over between us. I cried and ask him why. His reason is that, he has found a 22 year old girl he wants to marry who is a Muslim. I cried and begged him but he wouldn’t listen.

It’s been 10 days now since he left home. He called yesterday to inform me that he will be coming to pack his things. I didn’t say a word. I feel like committing suicide. The pain is too much to bear. Please help me out. 

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Something is missing in your submission, but nevertheless ,we will embrace it as advisors,
    Please you are beautiful and special in the eyes of God ,God loves you ,don’t you ever do any stupid act for his sake ,you have a bright future dont let God and your family down,pock up the pieces of you and move on,God will see you through.

  2. Dont do anything to harm urself dear kxt keep calm and go back home and explain things to ur parents k God Loves You I know it hurts but keep it in mind that everything is going to be alright there are many who have been in this situation before but have made it in life so dont give up

  3. hurts but i think somethings you used to do when he had nothing but couldn’t complain because he had nothing and know you will leave if he complains.

  4. It is absolutely wrong to support a person who is not married to you. What is had for you was convenient love. Next time don’t go in for broke us man. Dating broke man is highly risky only few turns out well. Let him find his feet on his own before accepting to be his girlfriend.

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