He’s Not My Husband’s Son but I Want Another Child


Greetings to you and all manofans. I have been following you for sometime. I want to share my story because at times I feel so guilty and at times too I feel like I did it for love. And if there’s any doctor who can help us too I will be glad.

My story is that, I have been married for 14 years now. There was child in my first 10 years of marriage. His parents are dead but his sisters were on my neck day and night raining insults upon insults on me. I went to so many hospitals for fertility checkups and all the diagnosis was that I was fertile but still no baby. I consulted and took so many herbal medications but to no avail.

All this while my husband refused to go for a check up. Anytime I talked about it, he reminded me of how he impregnated somebody when he was at the University but they aborted it. So he’s perfectly okay. Hmmm I was so confused. Was I the problem? How?

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I pleaded with him for years before one day he finally gave in and went to do the check up. To my utmost surprised he was the problem. There was not a single sperm in his semen. He was suffering from azoospermia so he was put on drugs.

I kept my cool and tried to console him that everything will be alright. I promised him no one will hear from my mouth and I kept my promise. Though his sisters were still making my life a living hell, blaming me for not giving them nieces and nephews, I still kept my mouth shut. My husband never told them he was the cause.

Fast forward, an old secondary school mate of mine came down from abroad. He’d always been interested in me. We chatted and agreed to meet when he came down. We planned and met at a hotel and had unprotected sex. He knew I was married. After the sex, I told him I felt so guilty for cheating on my husband so we should end whatever we had and go our separate ways.

He understood me so when I came home I blocked him everywhere. Hmmm just one night, auntie Abena I became pregnant. I never told the guy so he doesn’t know I conceived. My baby is 2 years now. My husband doesn’t know the child is not his because he resembles him too.

My huge problem now is how do I give birth again? Pressure from the community, the church and my almighty sisters inlaw have started popping up again. Everyone is asking for another child.

My husband and I don’t have money for IVF. I also can’t go and sleep with anyone again because of the truama I passed through. It’s something I don’t want to go through again. I sometimes see my son and feel so guilty. At times too I feel okay for bringing happiness to my husband.

I need your fans to advice me of any remedy to heal hubby completely so we can give birth and this time with his own seed.
I know many will judge me but trust me if you haven’t been in that shoes of barrenness after marriage before you will say whatever you like. I feel guilty though but at times I feel okay too hmmm.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. The truth sets free my dear…in your case it’s the only option since you care about what the sisters in law and the community think; just let them in and help yourself please otherwise you will fall into depression.

  2. Madam r u sure u didn’t target the guy from abroad?, I think u used the guy to get what you want without him knowing. The sex u had with him was planned by u all along. And wanting another baby, who will be your next target. Bcareful it might end in tears for you. Tell your husband the truth

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