He’s Refusing to Show Me His Roots


Please share this on your page for me. I’ve been with my boyfriend for close to 3 years. I met him as a waiter, and he’s really been of great help to me and likewise, but the problem is I know no one but him, I mean his family.

He is known by my mum who happens to be my only family at the moment. Anytime I talk about meeting his family, his response is his family are complicated and that I should take my time. He’s 34 and I am 21. We love each other dearly.

From a reliable source, I’ve been told that his family are more than the word primitive and are believed to be sorry to say “bad people.” But the thing is that, if I am marrying him, I believe I’ll be marrying his whole family and should start developing a relationship with them now.

He is a very kind hearted person and will love to marry me from what I see but there seems to be something fishy I don’t know about, concerning his family, himself including his marriage. I don’t want to think his family are a threat to his marriage or tribalistic, and I don’t want to be dating for dating sake. I want to know if I’m dating for marriage or not, even if not marrying now.

Last year 2020, he promised before the year ends he will arrange for me to meet his sister but it’s not about where we starting from and who I am meeting first. It’s like because I’ve been pestering him about it that’s why he wants me to meet his sister (who I honestly don’t believe is the sister even though I’ve not seen anything strange). I’m not rest assured if he is married or not. I’ve been worried about this and I don’t know what to do. Please advice me, thank you

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Written by Abena Magis


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