He’s Threatening Me for Saying No


Good morning to you and all your mano fans. I am a silent reader on this Noble platform. Just last week I was on the ward (I’m doing my clinicals) when a strange number called me. It was a male’s voice when I answered and he was like, he realized he’d saved my contact on his phone and when he checked, he had sent money to me before but wasn’t sure I was. That’s why he’s calling to verify.

Because I was busy, I told him I was at work so would call him back when I close. After I closed and left the ward, I called like twice and the number wasn’t going through. Then a few minutes after I got home, a different number called me again. I answered and it was him.

We continued the conversation and he introduced himself. In fact I received him very warmly because that’s how I am even if a strange number calls me. Per the way I received his call he was excited and kept praising me for receiving him warmly.

Later, he asked me if I had been to a wedding recently? I responded that about 3 weeks ago I attended one. I asked him why that question and he said he’s sure he got my number through that wedding.

I immediately remembered who he was. We were four bridesmaids at the wedding. One of the ladies asked for my number because she wanted her boyfriend to send her money through mine. She gave my number to him and he sent it. I mentioned her name and asked if he knew her. He said yes.

Auntie Abena, this guy went ahead and asked me so many personal questions about my age, my relationship status, my tribe etc, I didn’t get bored ooo. I still spoke to him nicely. Hmmmmm! afeideɛ menkɔte aaa (then he told me) I should come and look for him when I come to campus on Kumasi because that’s where he stays so we have a date????????

I told him okay but only if my friend (my co-bridesmaid) will be aware of that. This is because myself I told her if we resume and I come to Kumasi I would come and look for her. When I said that pɛ come and see attitude. Eeiii. He shocked me ooo. This guy got angry eeiii, why?

He was like, must he inform the girlfriend before he meets me? To cut everything short, afeideɛ (now) he said I don’t respect. That do I know who he is and that I am disrespecting him like that? Eiiiii. The way the conversation was going no, I just told him it’s okay, we should end it there and stop the conversation. I just pleaded and hunged up on him. I’m just curious about one thing, is it true I didn’t respect him? These are some of the reasons why people don’t receive strange calls nicely no oooo.

Now I called his girlfriend and told her everything that happened. I also called another co-bridesmaid and told her who told me to tell my friend.

The following day, this guy called around 8:30pm to 9pm there abouts but I was asleep. When the phone woke me up and I saw it was him, I hunged up. He called 3 times but I didn’t pick. He kept on calling and it was disturbing me so I hunged up again and offed my phone.

I just woke up around 12am and he’d sent a threatening message. I suspected my friend confronted him. Hmmmmm ewiase paaaaa deɛ. If you are at your somewhere thinking about yourself pɛ then you meet your Ɔbonsam. Threatening me because I refused to go out with him and told his girlfriend.

Auntie Abena please help me with this issue.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. You did the right thing by telling his girlfriend. He is in to waste your time. Also make sure you have evidence of the threats and warn him, you’d make a police case with that and actually do it if he continues to disturb your peace.

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