His Friend Grabbed My Arse


Good morning to you and your fans. My boyfriend has a good friend. It’s through this his male friend that I got to know my boyfriend.

Yesterday, I saw this male friend wilth some of their other friends so I called him to have some convo with him..l By then my boyfriend wasn’t around. Auntie Abena do you know what this so called friend of my boyfriend did to me? Hmm he held my arse ???????????????? right in the midst of their friends. I don’t actually know if they saw what he did.

In fact I was very very upset and irritated. He came over to beg me to forgive him but I didn’t say a word. I called my boyfriend to tell him what his friend did to me and he said I should forget it and forgive him but Auntie Abena my worry is he might repeat the same thing again.

I thinking of calling him to give it to him well well. If I do that too my boyfriend will tell me I have disrespected him. I’m very confused here. Please you and your fans should advise me.

Written by Abena Magis


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