His Side Chick Says I Should Divorce Him


Good morning Abena and all mano fans for the great work. Now to my story.

My husband and I got married last year and by the grace of God everything moved on well between us. My hubby was a good man. He showed me love and did everything for me. By the grace and favour of God I gave birth to a bouncy baby boy,

Auntie Abena, my hubby was happy to the extent that he treated our son and I like his king and a queen respectively. But then, everything came crushing down when he met a lady at the gym. They exchanged contacts and started dating.

Hmmm after that we became total strangers in the house. He hardly talked to me. It’s either he is on WhatsApp chatting with the lady or making a video call with her. The only person he talked with in the house is our baby, and come to think of it, how can you talking to a baby who doesn’t understand anything? Hmmm.

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One night, I was sitting down reading my Bible when his phone began to ring around 12:45 am. He was fast asleep ???? so I took the phone to answer the call. I didn’t want to at first but the phone was ringing continuously so I decided to pick and to my surprise it was the lady. She asked, “where is the owner of the phone?” and I told her “he is fast asleep”

Then she started saying things to hurt me like, “your husband told me he doesn’t love you again and it’s only because of his son that’s why he is still with you. Like he would have filed for divorce,” and soo many stuffs.

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Hmmm auntie Abena, i didn’t even utter a word. I just said ok but she went on to tell me that whenever she calls my husband i shouldn’t pick the call. I explained to her that he was asleep and the way her call was coming continuously that’s why I decided to answer and tell the person he is asleep. I even apologized to her and said it won’t happen again.

I don’t know where she got my number from but she called later to tease me that if she was me that my husband is not having time for me again, she would divorce him and leave. I saved her number on my phone and saw that she’s used my husband and my baby’s pic as her WhatsApp dp.

Hmmm auntie Abena, my world has come crushing down. Seriously I have never dated someone‘s husband before so I don’t know why this should be happening to me. Because of hubby’s behavior I have developed hatred for my own baby. I love my baby soo much and don’t want what the dad is doing to affect my baby but I can’t help it. Please should I stay or file for a divorce?

NB: I’m working and can take care of myself and the baby. Advice a traumatized sister.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hi. Don’t worry, every new feelings will definitely fade out. Keep loving ur husband. Make him a king in his hse and keep doing new things to attract his attention always. Leave de rest 2 God and trust he will be back.

  2. My sister pls this is the time for you to pray for your husband to come out of that spell stand by him don’t allow the devil to overcome you

  3. Beginning of every relationship is joyous but fades,wat he feels for her is lust n it will fade. keep on praying n care for him as if there’s nothing wrong n he will definitely come back. besides no one marries the enemy. God will surely intervene

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