His Superiors Don’t Know His HIV Status


I hope you’re fine and may God bless you for all you’re doing. My boyfriend is a military man. We’ve been in a relationship for 4 years. I had an infection and as I was treating it, it occurred to me to do an HIV test and boom it came out positive.

When I told him, he insulted me and told me I got it from somewhere and not from him. I had never cheated on him too so I confided in his best friend. This friend forced him to do it and it came out positive.

He then came crying and begging for me to forgive him. We started going to herbal doctors but no results. I ended up having severe stomach pains and started growing lean.

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During that time, his name popped up for peace keeping and he became very depressed. I then gave him a plan to go to a particular hospital to bribe the lab technician to allow him travel for a fee. He did not want to go but I encouraged him to do it because I had witnessed a colleague go for a fake health report to secure a job. He did so and the guy really granted him access to leave.

My boyfriend left for peacekeeping at long last but started having petty fights with me. He blocked me because he gave me GHs800 to sell second hand clothes and I got duped. He even called me a fool to allow that to happen to me. I begged and begged and had no option than to tell his mother about his status. This woman promised to talk to him only to refuse to pick my calls most of the time.

After the peacekeeping mission, he’s come back but is dating another woman. His mum is cool with it saying maybe her son doesn’t want me again so I should pray the sickness will go.

I’m so hurt that I want to go and report this guy at his work place but I fear for the lab guy. What do I do please? I feel soo broken. This guy is so wicked.

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Written by Abena Magis


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