hello Sis Abena.
….how can I tell her? There’s this Girl I’m currently dating, a few weeks now. But we’ve known each other for like almost 3years. we’ve never seen each other before, is just pictures and FaceTime… Just friends with no intentions of being together.

Even though she has been my crush for years and the exact caliber of girl that I’ve always wanted to be with: beautiful, tall, fair & respectful…
With vhim, I finally got my way through by telling her how I feel about her, and she “accepted” my feelings & concerns to be mine. I felt that was easy, but she said “I’ve been waiting for you say this a long time ago”????

GOD been so good, I’m finally gonna date my dream girl. Let’s cut it all short, she’s a tertiary student, and very busy. So, she decided to come to my place on Monday, which is off lectures on their time table.
We fixed a date, I couldn’t wait to see her… I met her and I was moved by surprise, she’s really beautiful than her pictures. Imagine how proud I was to walk by her side at the roadside. We got inside the room, she made herself at home, undressed herself and she said, she would like to spend the night with me. Hmm!
An hour passed while we engaged in conversation. Then we started kissing, romancing, pressing each other and it got to the point I had to pull her pants down.!
OMG????.. I couldn’t stand the fumes (scent) that was coming from her private part. I couldn’t breathe in, I had to hold my breath.

She’s really smelling, not to exaggerate, I can say the smell took inside the whole room. Not just an ordinary smell, but a very bad smell, a very bad scent. Since I was in the process, I couldn’t stop, if I had stopped, she’ll feel embarrassed. So I went ahead and had sex with her while I held my breath. As she squirts all over me…
Such a suicide kinda sex.. after the sex the smell was all over me. I felt like vomiting ????..

I LOVE her too, I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but I’m willing to help her fight whatever the problem is. So we can live life together.. But how do I tell her!? how should I let her know that she’s smelling?
I don’t want to lose her over this too.
pls let people throw their opinion on this, it’s driving me crazy.????????‍♂️????

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Written by Esther

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