How My iPhone 11 Pro Max Was Stolen


I want to share my story about how a taxi driver stole my phone (11 pro max ) from my bag. After work that fateful day, I was leaving Ridge hospital premises (I used the school of Anaesthesia entrance if you know there).

A taxi driver (in his mid 40s) that was also coming out of the hospital stopped and asked for the time. In order not to seem rude or something, I took my phone out of my bag and checked the time

He asked where I was going. I told him and he said he was heading towards my direction (BNI on the Sekou street). He asked me to join him then so that he can drop me off as a thank you. I am one person who doesn’t sit at the front seat but this driver opened the front seat for me

I sat in quietly because it was lift. When we got MOH he said he was sorry but he had to take a different route. Since it was free, I couldn’t force and had to alight. I tried opening the door and it was locked

Then he said oh ”me door no deɛ saa na ɛteɛ oo (that’s how door is). Don’t you have any pen or pointed object to pull the lock out?”

I had no option than to open my bag to get a pointed object. The door was still not opening oo. He kept saying ”fa hyɛ nkyɛn (try the side). It will open.”

I tried again and it finally opened. Immediately I got down no a, serious speed bi eh. He just sped off. I checked my bag no a…my phone was GONE!!!!. It’s a sad and unfortunate thing. Apparently that’s their new trick and I’m not the first victim.

Please let’s be careful out there.

My advice

  1. Don’t take your phone to check the time if you don’t have a watch on.
  2. Do not sit at the front seat of a taxi especially if it’s not a station taxi
  3. That story of “my lock is faulty” is a trick. Don’t fall for it. Thank you.
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Written by Abena Magis


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