How My Mom’s Crush Scammed Her


Good evening. I want you to post this for me so people can be watchful of whom they deal with online. Keep me anonymous and let me know when you post it.

Well I am working in a different town and my mother is also staying with my elder sister at a different place. About two weeks ago, I went to visit them, and my sister told me my mom is crashing on an unknown soldier. Mind you it started when the man dialed a wrong number and ended up calling my mom’s phone.

Well just this Friday my sister asked me to come for the weekend so we can all meet my step dad. I told her I can’t make it this weekend but will come home next week for it is a long weekend because of the 6th March holiday. She was like, “he is coming with gifts oooo, and has even linked me to one of his friends in the UK.”

I heard her paa nanso still naa me kakyerɛ no sɛ ɛnfa ( I won’t come). Well in the early hours of today, my sister called for me to loan her GHS400. I told her I don’t have, since I haven’t received my monthly salary yet. She was like, “oh. If it is a loan koraa you should try.” So I asked her what she needed the money urgently for, and she said, “your step-dad’s car got broken down at Konongo so he needs money to fix it.”

Ɛna me se, “eeei! Ɛyɛ azaan ooooo,” (I told her it’s a scam. I asked her, “have you given him any money?” and she said yes, they’d already sent him GHS400. Ɛna me se lawuuu oooo, chaiiiiii, w’azan mo ooooo. (He is fake).

There was silence for some few minutes but then my mom kept insisting that he is real because he sent her some pics in his soldier’ss uniform and his personality looked genuine. I told them that maybe he is using someone’s picture. If she’s still insisting on helping him, I don’t have a pesewa to help them.

I queried them, that if his car had indeed broken down on the road, why didn’t he call a relative? If there was no one, he could have called a friend or colleague, or better still use his bank app to transfer money into his mobile money account and pay the mechanic. They said he was not using his bank’s app. I shouted that, “soldier ni bɛn na nti ɔni mobile bank app anaa cash in his mobile money wallet?” (Which kind of soldier is he that he doesn’t have a bank app on his phone nor a mobile money wallet?”

Later in the afternoon, I called to find out what was new and they were like they’ve been calling his phone but the sweet masculine voice of my mom’s crush was now like puu puu puu k k k……user busy.

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Written by Abena Magis

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